Translation and legalization from Via Littera

Via Littera Ltd. Translation Agency was established in 2009 in the town of Plovdiv

The translators and interpreters we work with hold diplomas in Philology or they are specialists in a particular field with extensive translation experience. Our clients consider us a serious, competent and reliable partner able to provide complete and high quality translation services.

The accurateness, conformity, style and terminological uniformity of the translated text are of utmost importance in the in the translation and localization industry. That’s why for each individual translation we select a translator who is a professional in the respective area. Prior to being delivered to the customer, each and every translation undergoes internal editing by the team of Via Littera Translation Agency in Plovdiv, for the purpose of ensuring both high quality and style as well as terminological conformity.   

Each order is completed in strict compliance with the confidentiality requirements and within the agreed delivery terms.

We are proud to have as our clients leading companies from various branches, however, considering the confidential nature of the information, we prefer not to publish and disclose a complete client list. 

You do not have to be from Plovdiv in order to contact us when you need translation or legalization of documents. Feel free to contact us for further information. We will be happy to help you.

Client Testimonials

Presently I study abroad, and when in relation to my university application I had to translate and legalize my documents, I used Via Littera’s services. I remained satisfied and pleased with the terms met and the translation’s high quality.

Yoana Petrova

My company works within the service and maintenance business sphere. At certain times I need to translate the respective technical documentation, for which for more than 2 years I’ve used the services of Via Littera Translation Agency. I can always rely on professional attitude and work on their behalf, and I know I will always be welcomed there with a smile.

Stoyan Galabov – Manager of “Galaba” EOOD